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  • Werner Jager, EE&QAM Power Supply Concepts Inc. From Email

    To whom it may concern…

    We have known Mr.Ken Chen as an honest and very reliable businessman. When we bought our Laser Cutting and Engraving System from Thunder Laser Technology Co.Ltd. he always responded wthin hours to our answers and guided us professionally through the whole shipping, handling process, system setup and system operations.

    Due to Mr. Ken Chen’s exceptional qualities and skills, he guided us to choose the system that exactly matched our needs for a very low price.

    We recommend Mr. Ken Chen because he takes his customers serious and is very reliable and realistic with his answers. Doing business with him is a pleasure. If anyone has any questions,please feel free to contact us. .

    M4 Manufacturing, Inc .USA, Eron Murphy From Email

    We have been very impressed with our laser. We were impressed with the quality of the package when we received the machine–there was no damage, and they included videos that were very helpful in setting it up and getting it ready for use. We’ve had our laser for 2 years now and haven’t had any issues with it. Their support after the sale is great.

    Sue, USA From Email

    I never had done any business with China directly before and Ken with Thunder Laser did everything to help us out to get the laser to the United States. He then really helped out with working with us to get the laser up and operating. Thunder Laser is an excellent piece of equipment for an excellent price and Ken at Thunder Laser was extremely helpful and when I need another laser I will get another laser from them.

    Art Cho DeArt Albums Toronto, Ontario Canada From Email

    I was nervous when I bought a Mar 60 laser cutter from Thunder Laser on E-Bay because of I have no knowledge for laser engraving and cutting. But I was so happy when I turned on the machine first time because the software was easy to use. This is amazing machine for engraving and cutting.

    Sergey Barabash, Kazakhstan From Email

    I have bought 5 months back , lazer mars-90 and worried that he at delivery in kazakhstan 5000 km , he can will spoil. When I have got him(it) , for 3 weeks , he was in very strong packing. Under the first cut-in he immediately became to work. I was surprised by his(its) accuracy of the cutting and engraving , particularly hd head I do the portraits on acrylic very high quality. Even my children quickly understood in program which much forgive;pardon in use. Advise to buy this lazer and hd head to him since possible to emboss very clear scenes and in 3d.

    Sven Sabri, Germany From Email

    First-hand report Mars 120 I bought a Mars 120 from Thunder Laser. After some research in a German Co2 laser forum I decided to purchase a Thunderlaser machine. The reason was a lot of good statements and positive reports from other peoples which have also bought Thunder Laser. So I contacted Ken Chen from the Thunder Laser Tech. He was very helpful. All questions I had were answered very quickly and patiently. It took about 8 weeks from the payment until the delivery of the machine. The machine was in good condition. Everything as described in the pictures. As a development & quality engineer in the automotive industry I say, excellent work with great attention to detail. I like that. First test with mdf board, acrylic material cutting and engraving of vector files worked very well. The Software and Laser machine works fine together. I use the machine mainly to cut acrylic material accurate. I had no problems so far. I’m still in contact with Ken and we have good relationship. Thanks to the Team !

    Ernst , Austria From Email

    Hi Folks

    I am Ernst from Austria and i got my Mini 60 from Ken a few weeks ago – i am verry happy with it – i live verry close to trotec (25 km) and i buyed a thunderlaser – Ken is verry fair and helps verry good and fast – the laser cutter / engraver is fast and cheap so i took the thunderlaser – i like the way thunderlaser handle problems – its easy going and the fast in finding solutions.

    I hope i am back here in a year and write the same as the first here – than all is as good as in the beginning.

    Start with Ken and Thunderlaser was cool – now let us see how it works!

    Klaus & , Christoph From Email

    (German) Wir haben vor etwa einem Jahr einen Laser bei ThunderLaser gekauft. Um ehrlich zu sein waren wir anfangs ein wenig besorgt, so viel Geld per Vorkasse zu überweisen und erst einige Monate später zu erfahren ob alles geklappt hat, das bedeutet schon Nervenkitzel. Nach einigen Mails, die uns Ken sehr schnell und ausführlich beantwortet hat, waren allerdings die Zweifel ausgeräumt und wir haben bestellt. Nun ein wenig zu der Maschine: Der Laser hat momentan gut 500 Betriebsstunden und funktioniert wie er soll. Auftauchende Probleme wurden schnell und zuverlässig gelöst. Eine wesentliche Hilfe war hierbei auch Diemo, der Ken bei Supportanfragen im deutschsprachigen Raum unterstützt. Die Maschine ist modular aufgebaut, ein sehr großer Vorteil wenn man etwas Technikverständnis hat, da man eigenständig Modifikationen vornehmen kann. Hierbei ist Ken eine gute Unterstützung, der Fragen immer sehr zügig und ausführlich beantwortet. Alles in Allem ist es ein guter Kauf gewesen.

    (English) We´ve bought a laser cutter at “Thunder laser ” about a year ago. To be honest we had been a bit worried about that we have to pay before. Transferring such a large sum and getting the result after month, that is a thrill. After sending some mails and asking a lot of questions, Ken was able to clear all these doubts and we signed this contract. Some aspects to this machine: Since we have bought this cutting laser, it was working for about 500 hours and it´s still working as it should. If there was a problem it has been solved as fast as possible. Diemo, who helps Ken at the support in the German-speaking-countries, is a great help too. The cutting laser has been constructed in a modular way, so technical-minded-persons are able to modify it as they need. At this point Ken´s support is very helpful, because he is answering to all questions fast and in detail. All in all it was worth buying. Klaus & Christoph.

    Mauri , Australia From Email

    We recently purchased a Mini-60 from Thunderlaser, we wanted a well-built machine that was cost affect for our needs. We are novices with Laser and Engraving equipment, but are quickly learning.

    We have had great help from Amy in Sales, she has gone out of her way to get all the information and help that we needed. The Ordering process was quite straight forward and the delivery to our door was painless. All the paperwork for Customs was prepared by Amy and DHL transport made the rest easy. Ken the Sales Manager is well versed with the equipment and can also assist in sorting out laser settings. Tom has been great help on technical issues, so support even though overseas is not a problem.

    We would like to recommend the Thunderlaser to anyone wanting to do Laser Engraving or Cutting.

    Len Laviolette, San Diego From Email

    It is unfortunate that the machine I need is not a type that you manufacture. I have enjoyed the experience of working with you. It has been many hours that you invested in communications with me and I must admit that I am disappointed that I cannot buy from you.

    Your efforts in making sure that I really get exactly what I need were so important to me throughout the process. It seems you were more interested in making sure that I was secure in my decision than trying to sell me a machine. My lack of knowledge on lasers would have left me very vulnerable to a mistake. You built up a trust with me that I value greatly when doing business.

    You have a fine company and it is certain that you will stand behind your products and service with the same diligence you showed during our lengthy process of communications.

    Wesley , All American Technology Services L.L.C. From Email

    My name is Wesley “Chip” Hall and I am the Chief Technical Officer for All American Technology Services located in Asheville North Carolina USA

    Two years ago we started doing research on buying a laser cutting and engraving system for UID and laser cutting materials for our business. Mostly plastics acrylics and wood…

    We stumbled upon ThunderLaser on eBay and after comparing all of the other manufacturer’s laser systems, it quickly became apparent that ThunderLaser gave the most options, sizes, quality, features, and service for the money. We purchased the laser on eBay sight unseen, and I quickly got a call from Ken at ThunderLaser. He verified the order with me over the phone, and expressed that it was highly unusual for anyone to purchase a laser system without first contacting him first. We told him it was not even a question as to what we wanted. (we had all of the other manufacturer’s product specifications and ThunderLaser systems met or exceeded them in almost every way)

    We ended up getting the MARS 120 with Pass-through Door, Auto Focus, 100 Watt Laser, Motorized Table, and Red Dot pointer and an extra laser tube to ensure no downtime. (it is still sitting in the box collecting dust on a shelf as we have not had to use it yet because the one they installed in the machine is still growing strong after 7000 hours on the tube and we use it a lot at 70 percent power or higher) They started building it custom for us, and it shipped to us three weeks later to our local shipping port of Wilmington, NC. Customs was no big deal, and the HUGE Plywood crate arrived in good order several weeks later… After un-boxing the laser… we quickly got to work getting it up and working… Set-Up was easy and self explanatory and made even easier with the videos provided online on www.thunderlaser.com .

    Since we purchased this laser a year and a half ago, we have grown tremendously… and the laser system we bought from Ken at ThunderLaser has only had a few problems that Ken and his support staff have quickly resolved EVERY TIME with little or no downtime in our production of our products. We have already been making plans to buy even more lasers from ThunderLaser Systems because of their excellent service, great warranty, and good communication.

    If anyone has any questions about ThunderLaser Systems contact me directly at chip@allamericantechnologyservices.com and I would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

    Thank You to Ken & ThunderLaser Systems for all of the support, and great product! .

    ————Wesley “Chip” Hall – CTO – All American Technology Services L.L.C.

    ————Cherise Hall – CEO – All American Technology Services L.L.C.

    ————Blaine Johnson – Sales Manager – All American Technology Services L.L.C.

    Hanspeter , Switzerland From Email

    Hi everybody.

    I am the creator of the first Mini-Fablab in Zurich, Switzerland. The fablab has a lasercutter, a 3D-Printer and a cutting Plotter. Unfortunately not yet a cnc mill. The lasercutter is a Thunderlaser Mini 60, the 3D printer is an improved PrintrBot clone and the cutting plotter is a Silhouette Cameo. The first machine I wanted to have in the fablab was a lasercutter (see www.funlab.ch, my website is in german though). So here some thoughts from me regarding evaluation and experiences with my Thunderlaser Mini 60.


    I was looking at Epilog and Trotec lasers. In Europe these are machines very common. However, for my non commercial fablab much too expensive. So I was looking around for a cheaper chinese machine. In the internet you can find machines sold by some agents for around 500$ already. I encountered mainly two problems with such machines. Either they have a very small work area for cutting/engraving, not much power such as 30W or 40W or strange software with very limited function to work with the laser. And for these cheapies I found many many frustrated users which reported a lot of problems. So I found a German forum with about 20 Thunderlaser users with a lot of positive feedback for these lasers. So i started to gather more information from their website and finally asked for a price. The name of the person I communicated with is Ken, a very friendly Thunderlaser salesman. He is very responsive and I got all relevant Information within a few days. As I liked the price I ordered the Mini 60 with some add-ons. The price was not in the range of the cheapest machines, but other users have assured me, that the components and the buildup of the machine are much better and well worth the price difference.

    What to order

    I decided to order the Mini 60 with a motorized table, autofocus sensor and red-dot pointer. I also added the rotary device, which I have used seldom so far and the CW-5000 water chiller. The reason for the chiller versus a simple watertank solution was, that from other forums I learned, that stable temperature ensures consistent quality of the beam and increases life of the lasertube. The CW-5000 is not made by Thunderlaser but could be ordered through Thunderlaser.

    Manufacturing and Delivery

    My Mini 60 was not pre-built but they started to build my machine immediately after they received my payment. I did not pay using Paypal but made a normal bank to bank money transfer, which worked without any problems. Deliverytime was 3 to 4 weeks later. I decided to have the machine shipped by DHL airfreight directly to my house door. I think the machine left Hongkong on a Monday or Tuesday and On Thursday it was delivered in a huge wood box of about 130Kilos (see: http://funlab.ch/blog/?id=xh163nak )

    Setup and first experiences

    After unpacking and moving the machine into the fablab I had to position it on a self constructed metal stand, had to fill water into the chiller and connect it to the laser, observing the rigth flow directions. Otherwise the laser’s control program does not start the laser because of a “no water” error signal from the flow sensor. Then mount the exhaust tube to get the smoke etc. out of the laser. Then add the USB cable and connect it to the computer, install the software with driver and coreldraw macro and give it a try. By now, they deliver laserGrav as the Software which communicates with the laser’s DSP controller. 11 monthes ago mine was delivered with PHCad.

    It is possible to use the laser with PHCad or laserGrav only but it is more practical to develop designs in Coreldraw (certain versions only work) and then hand it over to the PHCad/laserGrav software with one click on a button, installed by the macro. In short, the machine worked without any problems from the start. The installed machine looks as can be seen here:

    Longterm Experience and Maintenance

    After some weeks, the CW5000 water chiller’s pump stopped working. I contacted Ken and he organized a replacement pump, which I installed myself. This was much quicker and easier, than shipping the chiller back to china and wait for a replacement. This took only a few days until the laser worked again. Nothing to pay for that, was a garantee replacement. Over time the laser started to make some random problems. From the symptoms I described and forwarded to Ken, the Chinese specialist concluded a memory problem in the controller. I got a replacement controller sent to me immediately. This one is still on its way to me. I will have to replace it by myself, which is ok for me. But you have to keep in mind, that there is no service organisation here (at least in Switzerland) which you can call in case of a problem and who will fix the laser in hours. This is the drawback for the good price you get with a Thunderlaser machine. On the other hand this is not a problem for me, because I have the necessary skills to do the replacement. Exchanging the controller or the lasertube is not really a big challenge for persons having some mechanical and electrical skills.

    Overall satisfaction

    I am very pleased and happy with my machine and can recommend it. It has a good price, is good quality and has very responsive and helpful people in China to help in any phase of the process of buying, installing and using their lasers.

    Too positive ?

    I am only describing my personal experience with Thunderlaser related to my Mini 60 desktop laser. And no, I do not have any business or other relation to Thunderlaser. I am a Fablab guy and help all kind of people to learn about digital fabrication. Right now I am busy to build the second 3D-Printer, a dual extruder PrintrBot clone.