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第01課 雷射切割初體驗—造一臺戰鬥機吧!
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第03課 引領潮流新風尚—一起來製作木質眼鏡!
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第05課 定格美好時光—一起製作木質相框!
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第08課 重溫恐龍時代—一起製作勇敢的三角龍!
第09課 向古人智慧致敬—一起製作遊標卡尺!
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第11課 做給媽媽的禮物—一起製作音樂盒!
第12課 走進君王神話傳說—一起製作一隻麋鹿!
第13課 小小建築師—一起建造屬於自己的房子!
第14課 團結就是力量—一起製作齒輪萬花筒!
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第16課 向古人智慧致敬—一起製作沙漏水車!
第17課 勇敢、樂觀、堅強—一起製作大黃蜂!
第18課 犒勞自己—一起製作專屬的投石車!
第19課 西方文化魅力——一起製作國際象棋!
第20課 圓夢少年—一起製作趣味十足的怪手!
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第27課 探索自然的韻律—一起製作能量轉換機!
第28課 小科技大應用—一起製作線控升降機!
第29課 回歸你的主戰場—一起製作重裝坦克!
第30課 應急必備神器—一起製作手搖發電機!
第31課 賽出冠軍風格—一起製作F1電容賽車!
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第33課 圓夢少年回歸—一起製作液壓挖掘機!

He Got You Just What?! Exactly What their Vacation Present Ways

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It is the season for spending some time with family and friends, embellishing your house and trip gift ideas! Ever wondered exacltly what the guy’s present really indicates? From candles to precious jewelry, this trip present guide will tell you precisely what tips the break gift from the sweetheart is concealing!

A Gift Certificate

To the majority girls, unwrapping a present certification is particular a bummer. However, if present certification is actually for your chosen shop or cafe, it is an effective signal! It means the guy was paying attention and even though the guy didn’t select a certain thing, he desires you to have one thing you will really like.

[object=ad_300x250_articles]There is a problem to present certificates, however! If the certificate is actually from a shop you do not enjoy (like a home enhancement shop or something like that similar), this means he’s got no clue! Either you haven’t dropped adequate ideas or the guy failed to feel just like making the effort to actually think about your gift! If this sounds like a whole new connection, probably your man simply does not know very well what you are into but. However, if you’ve already been with each other for longer than a few months, he must have a hunch by now!

Pampering Things

In case your man gets you candle lights, a shower ready, daily in the health spa or something like that comparable – he will get bonus things! He cares concerning the method you really feel and desires to pamper you. If the guy becomes your favorite aroma or taste, the guy actually becomes added bonus points! If you don’t slipped a wish listing under his pillow, which means that he understands you well and thinks you are entitled to best situations in life!

Kitchen Towels

If for example the guy had gotten you home bathroom towels, take all of his things away! Unless, without a doubt these represent the latest and trendiest kitchen area bathroom towels previously and you have truly wanted all of them for several months! Kitchen towels and other residence things like meals, home furniture or similar everything is alright if you’ve already been along with your guy for a time or you’ve required all of them. Should your lasting sweetheart or hubby purchases gift suggestions such as this, it might probably signify the guy wishes that get the best for your house. But if it is a fresh commitment, you may want to perfect the ability of gift ‘hinting!’


If your guy purchases you jewelry, you can be certain which you suggest a great deal to him! Bling-bling isn’t really cheap and dudes who ‘just you should not care’ often will likely not buy jewellery for girl. When men buys a female jewellery, it usually means that he could be committed along with it the long term. This is also true if he purchases expensive diamonds, which really are a girl’s companion!

Chocolate or Candy and Roses

This might be an excellent present for men in order to get a female he wants but has not known for a long time. Equally, lots of guys understand this gift once they simply don’t know very well what else receive. In case you are in a brand new commitment plus guy buys you chocolates and flowers, this means he likes both you and desires to become familiar with you much better. Roses and delicious chocolate will always a great present for women while he becomes you this, he’s probably interested in the secret to your heart!

A unique Puppy or Other Animal

Imagine untying a ribbon to find a lovable, furry face finding out about at you! For a newer commitment, it is the sign whenever a man gives a puppy or any other lovely animal as something special. Which means he really wants to discuss a responsibility to you in which he’s most likely rather invested in the partnership.

Getting a present is really exciting, particularly when it’s something special from the man you actually value or love. Although many men are well known if you are bad ‘gift-getters,’ a lot of often put some thought into gift suggestions for females they value. By deciding what your guy’s present truly implies, you can observe the amount of idea the guy actually added to the vacation present!